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Incense sticks - Goja Musk & Jasmine


This Tibetan incense is made from balancing, earthy musk and fun loving, sweet jasmine fragrances headily mixed with over 30 different Himalayan herbs to create a distinctive, beautiful scent when burning.

Tibetan incense is made by crushing and mixing pure ingredients into a paste before rolling them into long sticks (without a wood or bamboo core) which are then cut to the desired length. This method of preparation means that the sticks are naturally thicker and nothing is wasted when they are burnt. There is very little or no use of essential oils to flavour them so when they are thoroughly dried they will last for many years with little degradation in quality.

Because Tibetan incenses are thicker than Indian style stick incense, please make sure you have a suitable holder, many are available further on in this product section. Alternatively a ceramic bowl filled with sand is more than suitable.

Approx: 17cm Long
Approx: 42 Sticks.
Origin: Nepal

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