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Incense sticks - Harati Tibetan


This incense is made from various aromatic herbs found in the high altitude regions of Tibet and Nepal. This incense is widely used by Buddhists and many others for the purposes of meditation, relaxation, purification and offerings.

Tibetan incense is different from other styles because it is not composed of a mixture of essential oils but from precious woods mixed with other natural ingredients found in the Himalayan region. It is handmade according to the ancient monastic tradition and without a stick inside. This gives the incense a deep, rich, earthy aroma rather than being overly perfumed or diluted by the less pleasant smell of a stick burning. Being formed in this manner also means that you may snap portions of incense off to use for a shorter amount of time.

Please note that because of the nature of its production, Tibetan incense requires an incense burner capable of burning solid incense with a larger diameter than stick incense. Alternatively, it can simply be placed upright in a small bowl of sand.

Approx: 25 Sticks
Each 175mm
Origin: Nepal

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